How to Fade Difficult hair ★ Barber Tutorial #2018

Many of you ask me to post haircuts of “difficult” hair. I don’t think any hair is difficult if you know your technique but here is a type of hair I personally find challenging.

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Lukinha Pereira says:

Br né ?

Δημητρης Ν. says:

7:54 with which clipper? 1 or 2 ?

עידו נווה says:

Fade master. Beautiful. Well done! Thank you.
I cut my first fade yesterday. Came out pretty good.

حتى الحلم ايجار says:

ليس بجميل

DeenIncognito says:


fie deejay says:

Nice cut and skill

Duen-Han Lui says:

The way you film your cuts are the best I’ve seen so far apart from chris bossio. Was wondering what type of camera you use. And the haircut was amazing

Shayla Sadler says:

I like how thorough you are with instruction on the fade. I feel like wavy/curly dense hair is hard to fade. My husband likes the fade, but it is hard to get a good fade on him.

Mark Vajra says:

god bless you ! thank you for the Tutorial

DroidLife says:

You making this haircut look hard but I guess all barbers have different techniques!

Mahmood Sadek says:

Really clean

optimusgts says:

ive been looking for a barber who knows how to do this fade but no success. do you know a barbershop here in baltimore!?

Tracey Thomas says:

Lovely cut

mohammd alyass says:

Can you give me the steps to write this shaving please

Felipe Barberis says:

Can I do the same procedures with a Wahl Super Taper? Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

HYDE96 says:

I feel thin hair is easy to blend. I feel the hardest hair to blend is latino hair its very dark dense and corse and lines are unforgiving you have to blend just right to get the blurry effect. Your a great barber i love watching your videos while im in barber school you break it down step by step , very helpful

centenoj85 says:

Falla what’s your nationality

علي علي says:


seven7685 says:

u the Best !!!

Mette Hansen says:

Do you Zero-gap your clipper?

Morgan Rhodes says:

Sounds like a slowed down BOFDF

brandon pinkard says:

I swear i got goosebumps when I saw you flip the shears a different way as the beat dropped. I watch it like 7times. Also, what was the name of the song at the VERY beginning, just as this video starts? (Following)

Mi Gi says:

Mame Of The machine?

rahman kurd says:


Sarah Carlstedt says:

That looks so good! You explained everything so well and I can’t wait to try out your techniques! I’m a cosmetologist, not a barber but I love watching and learning from you guys. Do you have any tips or could you make a video on fading hair on people with lumpy heads? I have a difficult time making the blend look smooth

Raul Rodriguez says:

Nice video and haircut

Demoniker D says:

What video camera you use in this video ??

Mario Valdez says:

Great cut brother! I appreciate all your videos. Congrats on your baby boy!

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