My Experience With Hair Removal

My personal experience with Hair Removal

Hey my loves! If there’s one thing that I always get asked about, it’s hair removal. Thanks to my Middle Eastern heritage, I have naturally very thick, dark hair, and I’ve always been very open about it. I’ve literally tried every form of hair removal treatment possible from laser hair removal to waxing to shaving to face shaving! So, I thought I’d do a quick video answering all of your questions, and share ALL my hair removal tips with you guys!

On a side note hair removal is a very personal thing and if you don’t feel like you want to remove your hair, that’s totally fine too. I prefer my body to be hair free, but like I said, that’s my personal choice. Thanks so much for watching, love you guys!

Tinkle Razor:

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device:

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Briana Thomas says:

Your nail polish!!!

santosh shah1122 says:

Nice pic

Elisa Smyth says:

Does the Philips device work on fair hair? I’ve heard lots of people say laser doesn’t work on anything other then dark hair. I have a sh*t ton of peach fuzz on my face, but it’s really blonde so I don’t know if this would work for me. Much love from Scotland xo

RealBeautiful Beauty says:

Electrolysis works best

flower power says:

I also shave my face with the faceshaver and it works! Fun fact after 4 times of shaving my hair it doesnt come back? Just a few but barely noticable

First Name says:

So prickly when it grows back in!!!

Ftoditsti Fzitzit says:

I love you

alina munir says:

Im too afraid and cheap to have tried lazer so far but the best for bikini and underarms is waxing in tiny tiny portions with your own fingerz. And for face threading does wonders. And for sides of my face i bleach sometimes cz i have medium vol. of hair there not too much to be removed.

P Keys says:

Went through the same phase as you, was threading for years until I discovered laser. Never looked back. Laser did wonders for my facial hair!

rust rose says:

It’s a fallacy that waxing leads to skin sagging. … Pulling the wax off can indeed peel the dead layers of skin off but it won’t cause muscle damage that would cause skin sagging. The other way skin sags is due to the fat and collagen being lost due to age or diet but again waxing will not cause skin sagging.”


We can make loop of thread also, it’s easy to handle it

fuhk says:

I wish I had have heard this before I waxed my face 🙁 a year later and i still have acne from it. I waxed my cheeks and I had never had a single pimple on them, but I did struggle with acne on other areas of my face. Definitely don’t wax your face.

nathallye bolonha says:

Vc e linda minha diva sou sua fã amo seus trabalhos vi o vídeo de ti e Mari Maria sou nathallye Bolonha mandas beijos te adianto daqui do Brasil da cidade Recife Pernambuco bjs minha diva

diana ponce says:

I got my face waxed , and started getting the white small head pimples , and now I’m having such a hard time getting rid of them 🙁

Shay shay says:

I love savings my face ♥️

jay perez says:

You said shaving on the face is a no no but I seen a video where your on a plane and you actually shaved your face ???? Soooo

Nado says:

Hi Huda! I was wondering if you had any experience or thoughts hair removal using electrolysis?
Thank you so much!

andreasweetascoco says:

Why am I just seeing this video????

beauty inside out says:

Shaving makes skin better,smoothes it out, reduces pigmentation and brings a glow to the skin, but after shaving be sure to apply a good sunscreen to face as your newly exposed layer of skin is much more prone to burn and tan!!

Victoria Hatzson says:

I need your opinion on the LuVel hair removal device

Melody Erin says:

I take scissors and cut my peach fuzz above my lip as close to the skim as possible. Its already blonde luckily but my grandma taught me that trick and it works my great for me bc my medium skintone doesnt show the blonde hairs. My sister has black hair and fair skin and she uses nair on her upper lip and it works great for her.

Bronzee says:

omg i cant belive she has chest hair…i just cant..

Masuma Begum says:

Jeffree destroyed your beauty career

Farrah Kh says:

I like how honest she is ! Thank you Huda

Ella Kirschner says:

Thank you so much Huda! I’m also of Middle Eastern descent and its such and hair is such a pesky and embarrassing problem and I really appreciate that you talk about it openly. It made me feel a lot better!

Dilara Oe says:

There is a very easy way of Treathing. You dont have to wrap it around your toe. Just take a piece of it and do a knot. Then you can wrap it the way you showed, to create the middle piece kinda thing lol. So easy and saves you a lot of product actually. ❤️

Nusrat Ali says:

Oooof brows look rough in the thumbnail

ileana guerra says:

I have more hair than my man yep I can relate

Alma Almaraz says:

So did the facial hair come out thicker? Do you know if it’s safe if you do facial laser while pregnant?

Maymona Hoque says:

Loved this. Very helpful

Rabbia Islam says:

Such a plastic face

Dulce Correia Tiago says:

Eu sou Portuguesa e sou peluda kkk

Vanshika Grey says:

Thanks for making this video. I always thought I’m the only one whose got hair in places like the stomach or face or back. I actually use a Phillips epilator which is painful but I think it’s really effective. I use it pretty much everywhere except my bikini line. I use it on my face and i find it really effective, the hair does grow back but it usually comes back slowly like it would when waxing but I find it much more efficient.

Lana Nunu slemaniakam says:

Such i love u from Kurdistan of Iraq .. plz i did laser hair removal at cliniks and my skin got darker than before plzzz how can i make it lighter plz plzzzz hellllp plzzzzz love u so much

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