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Flawless Hair Removal Device

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brittany leigh says:

the flawless touch works for your peach fuzz and sideburns and stuff. i love it. but they came out with an eyebrow one and it sucks. it doesn’t cut the whole hair, just the end. and it’s like the brow hairs are too thick for it because they get caught. so I would highly recommend the facial flawless touch but not the eyebrow one.

Take me Away says:

Omg I thought I was the only one who had this thank you

Rosa Rubio says:

Thumbs down, you took too long to get to the point

Imani Schawsmidth says:

Ty chica xx! I am so gonna buy this

N. says:

7:48 video starts

Alexandria Flores says:

omg yes finally something other than nair!! i’m so sick of having all this damn hair and my facial hair has gotten waaay out of hand lately. latina problems AF!

Sage M says:

Thank you ! I’ve been trying to find something that works to remove peach fuzz for a long time. I purchased it just after watching this video and it does work just like you said – finally no more waxing or plucking !

S B says:

Forget the facial hair I need a skin care routine!!!

MsTaurus4u says:

How many laser treatments have you done to remove what you use to have? It looks like the laser removed a lot

Vanessa Delgado says:

❤️❤️❤️ it! I’m new to your channel but already subscribed! have you done a tutorials about threading your own eyebrows? I’d love to learn & yours look so flawless!!!

CupcakeRiyoko says:

I’m so hairy but like my asian mum will beat my ass if i do this (well that’s what i think)

Pheap Original says:

I bought one from Bed Bath & Beyond(it was on an end cap.. So random..LoL) and I love it!! Mine is a white pearly color. Looks like an over sized tube of lipstick. LoL stashing it in the purse looks normal. 😉

Mirian Agundiz says:

Hellllll no I will thread my brows but not the rest of my face. It hurts [email protected]!& that hahaha

Kate Morales says:

Bishhhh i bought this today my sideburns??? WHERE???!!!

skkkskskks says:

sideburns are a hassle oh my gosh

Maria Rodriguez says:

What about five o’clock shadows?

Amba Sharma says:

Is this product accessible in India

Abby Pinedo says:

I have acne , I wonder if that will hurt because of my acne?

Isk H says:

Does it grow faster ormore darker,thicker?

Tiffanyy Peña says:

Sis you took 7 minutes to get to the point

Sahana K says:

For anyone a bit confused, this device is like shaving. It doesn’t completely pluck the hair from the root but it gives you a very close shave.
Shaving doesn’t cause the hair to grow back thicker but the hair is blunt at the end so it may feel rougher. Unlike waxing, you can do it daily as it doesn’t really irritate the skin and the hair doesn’t need to be a certain length.

Still I recommend threading. It plucks the hair from the root and especially on the upper lip area, can remove darkness. Lot of time the darkness in the area is caused from the root of the hair not the hair itself so shaving doesn’t do much.

Threading is very painful your very first time and I had to started in small sections as I couldn’t do more than 10 minutes. It took me almost a month to remove all of my facial hair. But after the first time the upkeep is very easy and painless. I thread my own face every few days. It exfoliates my skin and makes it extra soft. Around once a month, I used to go professionally and get it done but recently have stopped doing that as well. Threading causes the hair to grow back thinner and less over time. I am 17 and have been threading since I was about 16 and my face is almost entirely hairless. I don’t have peach fuzz. Threading has done wondering for clearing up my skin and makes me look amazing in photos! Everyone needs to try it. Again the first time kilos but if you upkeep it is painless! Also it is probably the cheapest way as you can easily learn to do it yourself!

TheAmazing Jon says:

First 5 seconds I could already tell you’re a Latina

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