fail proof bob haircut tutorial

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Trini Gyal Neyce says:


Trini Gyal Neyce says:

wow my h

Daniel Heger says:

Holy shit this is awful…..sorry but there is no way you can cut your own hair and have it be anywhere near decent.

Trini Gyal Neyce says:

my hair turned out really good thc

Maëva Charron says:

It’s not even her reals hairs…

du says:

great job!!! people remember what your mother said if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything!!!!!

Their Allusions says:


Meg Escobar says:

Bridgette you need to shut the fuck up

Lizbeth Estrada Valdez says:

I don’t see the fail

Seema V says:


Lex Wil says:

Girl that sht is a MESS! You don’t know how to cut, glue, curl, nor flat iron! Delete this video and don’t make another.

Bridgette Ignatova says:

Great video!  I thought it was a great way to do it yourself.  For me, hair dressers always screw up, so I’m forced to do it myself.  I have curly hair, so should be even easier I hope.

king malik says:


Me Pretty says:

by   erika   benjamin

MsVintageVisage says:

Actually ty for this! !! After cutting my own bob people stip me all the time to ask where i get my hair dibe even professionals say it looks good. I’ve had people offer to pay me to do theirs. …this video has a lot of gems in it. I’ve used other tutorials and ended up reversing this method..basically I would do my cut, chop off back etc..then go back after front was done, tie a small section in the back and cut it just the way you said…. down not across!!! If you are brave enough to do your own hair you will learn your hair is UNIQUE there are no universal methods…people’s heads are different with time you will learn your hair, it’s growth patterns and just how a slight angle in the scissors can make a difference in failure or success. Don’t ever be afraid to learn your own body and be able to take care of it WITHOUT a professional. I know myself best at 32. It’s to the point now, everytime I get lazy and go to a “PROFESSIONAL” with all their little certificates on the wall, I walk out with mullets or gummy hair…I’m done lol…there are some good tips in this video!! Ty for sharing! !!

QueenShawn TV says:

You look like my aunt

James Smart says:

how do you talk and not move your mouth? pretty good!!

Suzee9 says:

I do not believe this is fail proof at all! If I tried it this way I would be in haircut intensive care.

Christine Walters says:

best DIY bob I’ve seen yet!

Calisson says:

It’s not even her real hair :’)

Benny López says:

This is the worst hair cut ever…

triinu orav says:


Alena Lyn says:

I watched so many hair tutorials, yours was the best!!! So easy to follow! I watched twice, now have my scissors ready and I’m going to play it while I cut! THANK YOU

angel black says:

im a cosmo student at dorsey the bob is the first haircut we learnd and you cut your hair so wrong and uneven you dont put it in a ponytail you section it in 4 two on both sides then you angel the hair at about 90 degrees so the hair falls in the right place and the layers are even


ii have this hairstyle too!!!!!!

Altoid Bazingá says:

Good job cutting 🙂

Mary Farrell says:

i love your haircut!!

Benny López says:

Let the professionals do it…

Carmella Woods says:

ur so pretty

Zoé Aviles says:

ahahahaha stupid nigga

Cyerria Fitch says:

Look like sh was just cuttin shit but it’s cool I guess

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